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Denture Options

The right options to suit your denture requirements

We offer a number of options that are tailored to suit the requirements of most patients:

Option 1: Basic Copy Dentures

For those patients who wish a basic copy of an existing set, if suitable.

Option 2: Premium

A higher quality acrylic tooth is used with this option offering a more characterised tooth appearance. The opportunity to restructure the bite position and provide a more natural appearance can be achieved using natural setup techniques.

Option 3: Superior

Superior, cosmetically characterised acrylic teeth with anatomical irregularities are used to produce an enhanced, natural facial appearance. Basic gum re contouring is used to provide plumpness in the right areas to reduce that typical 'denture look'.

Option 4: The Denture Facelift

A highly technical procedure using advanced construction techniques and materials. This type of denture can rejuvenate your denture wearing life.

Using composite, natural, effect multilayer teeth, together with full gum contouring and superior, high impact acrylic base plates. This type of denture technique can re-establish natural facial appearance and fully corrected biting function taking years of your appearance.

Option 5: The Denture Facelift Plus

As per The Denture Facelift, but using enhanced gum contouring techniques, natural gum surfacing, natural gum shading and palatal contouring for better feel and speech definition.

Option 6: Elite

Combining all the features and benefits of The Denture Facelift, the Elite takes dentures to a new level.

Virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, individually hand characterised, multi-layer composite teeth and featuring fully anatomical internal and surface characterisation, these dentures provide the ultimate in appearance, function and quality.

The time taken, complexity and advanced techniques used to construct this truly individual and naturally sympathetic option is reflected in the stunning results that can be achieved.

Option 7: The Denture Excellence Confi-Denture™

Denture Excellence introduce the Confi-Denture™. This treatment takes the Elite system and uses state of the art Denture Implants to stabilise your dentures, virtually eliminating embarrassing denture movement and soreness. The Denture Excellence Confi-Denture™ is the gold standard in denture treatment.

Careful assessment is necessary to establish suitability.

The Confi-Denture™ comes complete with:

  • Dent-Sure - denture insurance
  • Imp-Sure - implant insurance
  • DXC Denture Maintenance Plan

Implants are priced individually depending on type, number used and suitability.

Please enquire for further details about this exciting treatment option.