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Denture Implants

Improve stability; improve comfort; improve confidence; improve your life!

In modern dentistry the implant has a multitude of uses. At Denture Excellence we use this technology to improve stability and retention of loose or ill-fitting dentures.

The implants used by Denture Excellence are effectively small, high tech titanium press studs, which are inserted into the jaw bone to create anchor points from which problematic dentures can affix to.

Anyone who is unhappy with their dentures and finding difficulty keeping them stable are suitable for this treatment. Implants are an ideal solution if you want to feel more confident when eating, smiling or talking.

Most denture wearers struggle daily with discomfort, as a result of loose or ill fitting dentures. Many simply withdraw from any type of social engagement as a result of embarrassment caused by difficult eating of talking.

Successful placement of implants can solve all these practical and social problems.

Generally there are two types of implant systems suitable for denture wearers; Mini Implants and Conventional Implants.

In some cases the structures of the mouth may prevent use of Denture Implants, with treatments largely decided by the type and quality of bone in which the implants are to be placed. All potential implant patients will require a full assessment by a Denture Excellence Implantologist, who will examine and determine whether an implant system would be a viable option, and more importantly advise on what type of implant treatment would be most suitable.

In most cases Conventional Implants tend to offer a more secure fixture for the denture; however if the quality of bone is deemed not suitable, then a Mini Implant could offer an ideal alternative and fantastic retention for unstable dentures.

The Denture Excellence ranges of implant treatments are proven to offer affordable solutions to the issues of denture retention; allowing for increased comfort and confidence when eating, smiling or talking.

Demonstration models are available for you to look at and see for yourself just how stable dentures can be made.

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