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Partial Dentures

See the difference; smile with confidence.

If you have unfortunately lost some of your own natural teeth and have unsightly gaps, a partial denture might be a viable option

Partial dentures replace individual missing teeth, restoring a natural looking smile and healthy appearance.

In addition to replacing missing teeth, a partial denture will also aid in maintaining the condition of your remaining teeth, preventing movement and retaining arch form.

A partial denture can:

  • Help with speech
  • Allow more comfortable eating
  • Restore your natural smile, enhancing appearance and increasing confidence
  • Prevent movement and future problems for remaining natural teeth

The construction of partial dentures is a science unto its self. It is vital that a partial denture is designed correctly; failure to follow the correct design and procedures can be detrimental to the remaining natural teeth.

As part of Denture Excellence patient care we require an assessment of the remaining teeth prior to the construction of your new partial denture to ensure that your remaining natural teeth are in good condition and suitable for partial denture treatment.

Don't worry if you do not have a regular dentist, we're here to help. We can arrange for you to see one of our referring colleagues for any assessment you may require.

We work hand in hand with one of the UK's leading private dental care groups where we can access any type of treatment you may require to bring you back to full dental health.

Following your initial FREE consultation and working alongside our referring dental colleagues your Denture Excellence CDT will assess your requirements and design a bespoke partial denture treatment that's right for you and the long term health of your remaining teeth.

As well as constructing and fitting your new denture, your Denture Excellence CDT will be on hand throughout the process to answer any questions that may arise, discuss options available and facilitate all necessary appointments and examinations, should this prove nescessary.

Partial Denture treatment fees are quoted on an individual basis and designed to meet your individual needs.

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  • Sedation for the nervous patient
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  • Tooth Whitening
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  • Botox
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